Easily record meetings and manage meeting notes and minutes with Liberty Meeting Recorder

Liberty Meeting Recorder (LMR) is a software-based digital recording system that is designed to capture the audio and (optionally) video for city councils, committees, tribunals, and other meetings. LMR removes the need for antiquated analog equipment and saves proceedings digitally and directly to a PC or central file server, where they can be easily stored, played back, searched, and distributed.  LMR is also completely integrated with Microsoft Word and includes an integrated minutes application that streamlines the process of creating and distributing meeting notes and minutes. 

Get a clear and concise digital record of the proceedings

The Liberty Meeting Recorder provides a clear and concise digital recording of your meeting.  Saving the audio as a digital file means there is no more time wasted fast-forwarding and rewinding through tapes. Instead, you can instantaneously jump to any point in the recording, just by clicking a button. Your notes are already synchronized with the audio playback and creating complete and accurate minutes becomes a quicker, easier job to complete.

Full recording and minutes management

High-quality recording:

High-quality digital capture and recording technology creates superior multi-channel audio or video meeting recordings.

Integration with Microsoft Word:

Use Word documents and easily take notes, record votes, and create playback bookmarks, all while digitally recording your meeting.

Save meeting files digitally:

Record the audio and optionally the video of your meeting to the hard-drive of your PC

Easily save and post minutes/notes as a PDF:

Quickly and easily convert and post completed minutes to your website as a pdf or HTML document.

Stream and post your recordings to the Web:

LMR allows you to stream your audio/video to the Internet in real-time and save the meeting files into PDF and HTML formats to be posted to your website.

Easily playback and transcribe recordings:

Recording playback supports the optional use of a foot-pedal for even faster transcription and playback options.

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